Go from Overwhelmed to Organized

To put it simply, Creative Visual Planning is creating plans and goals infused with creativity. It is a vehicle that transports your ideas (that live only in your head) out into the world so your dreams and goals can become a reality.

To visualize your goals and plans, and help into the infinite power of the define creative energy. Social planning support you on all levels of being, and body, mind, and spirit.

Great place to start is with creating a vision board and a visual journal. These are the places for all your ideas become visible, it is where all things become connected.

One word of caution about using a visual journal. Don’t get stuck in your journal work. The entire Creative Visual Planning method depends on making your plans, dreams and goals visible – your thoughts and feelings need to be out in the world for them to be seen.

This can be scary for many of us but ultimately you must put your work out into the world to be seen and used and appreciated.

If creativity makes you uncomfortable and you are here, reading these words, you’re a brave creative soul about to bring forth your own unique creative gifts, to make them known and to empower your plans and goals.

You’re absolutely creative and you are just on the edge of realizing your greater self.

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Why Use a Visual Planning System?

Make the Magic of Planning come to Life